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Starting Thursday, August 1st  

ReAlign and Restore with Muriel Murphy

 10:45am – 12:00pm

This class includes the Method of  Iyengar, Restorative, Self Awakening & Yoga Nidra
 This practice integrates, aligns, relaxes and rejuvenates your unique body, mind and spirit, cultivating optimal health, vitality, peacefulness, relaxation and radiance! Come away from this  life changing teaching equipped with the tools to nurture, cultivate, honor and celebrate your unique self. Peaceful Awareness Yoga is an invitation to reprogram your bodies  response to stress and an embodied experience individuals recognize this magnificent gift of life.

What to expect while you’re on the mat?

An infusion of Feldenkrais inspired movement inquiries,
 Classical Hatha Yoga with Iyengar alignment principles
 and Restorative Poses towards the end to reset and calm the nervous system.
Some of the Subtle Body Effects:
Muriel’s sequences include mindfulness meditation techniques, dharma weaving and applied anatomy to inform you as to why  each part of these meditations and movements are useful in our daily existence. All is delivered in the light hearted way she
 poetically lifts the heart with her humor and cultivates a safe
 space to remember we all just humans living life here together.

Moving Meditation with Yonit Roth

Fridays 8 am starting August 16th

What is Moving Meditation?

Moving meditation is a series of postures, breath, and sound that aim to achieve a specific goal and function together as a kriya. The word kriya means action. The idea is that the movement of the body during meditation while incorporating different mantra and pranayamic techniques will initiate change that affects the mind, body, and spirit on many different levels. While each kriya may have a different goal and effect, every kriya aims to manifest what you want to achieve into actuality. Come enjoy this revitalizing style of meditation to boost your vitality for life!

Meditate and Restore Purely Meditation Class with Oana Lansman

Thursdays 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar  to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. Each week we will practice a combination of concentration and mindfulness meditation techniques in conjunction with a few restorative yoga postures in order to relax and restore our minds, bodies and souls. Contemporary research shows how a consistent meditation practice yields long-term benefits, noting a multitude of positive effects on brain and immune function among meditators.

At the same time, lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, improved heart rate, reduced stress and anxiety, lower blood cortisol levels – are just a few short-term documented benefits for the nervous system.

Yet it’s worth noting that the purpose of meditation is not to focus on achieving benefits. To put it as an Eastern philosopher may say, the goal of meditation is no goal. It’s simply to be present.

This class is suitable for beginners. Ages 12 and up

Kundalini Yoga : Self-Love Series with Adriana Cerundolo

June 2 – Aug 6: Tuesdays from 4:45 to 6pm   

We are shadow and light, finite and infinite. The goal of Kundalini Yoga is the integration of these parts, without valuing one over the other. We need our finite self, our body and ego structure, to carry our infinite into the world. Our infinite self is our connection to soul purpose, truth, and unconditional love. 

Marrying our infinite to our finite is what “self-love” is all about. When we shine the light of the infinite on all the parts of us that make us human – the parts that make life interesting! –  we not only enjoy life as the wondrous gift that it is, we access our infinite power. 

Join us on a 10-week journey of marrying our infinite to our finite though Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, uses coordinated breath, movement, and mantra exercises to awaken awareness and enliven our being from the inside out. This is a weekly class, drop ins welcome! 

Upcoming Workshops

  • Summer Sound Journey with Adriana Cerundolo July 19th 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

    Bathe in the power of sound in our Summer Sound Journey.

    Everything is energy, and energy is vibration. Sound is, therefore, a powerful tool to transform both physical and non-physical experience.

    Summer is a powerful time! Receive the blessings of warmth and with new growth abound. Lying down in deep relaxation, drift away into your own inner world of restoration to the soothing sound of voice, crystal singing bowls, and percussion instruments. Arise with peace, clarity, and a greater awareness of your true self.

    $30 pre-register (will deduct $5 discount when checking out / $35 day of the event

    Adriana is a certified sound healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and dance ceremonialist. Learn more at

  • Hips Don't Lie with Erika Belanger (Almost Sold Out) July 27th 1 pm - 4 pm

    While open and stable hips are at the heart of so many yoga postures and other physical activities, chronically tight or weak hips can lead to pain and injury.With this workshop, you will learn Yoga Tune Up® self-massage techniques to improve your body awareness and to release tensions and pain in the muscles surrendering
    the hip joint. Through playful and challenging hip mobilization and stabilization techniques you will increase your range of motion and improve your strength.Overall, this workshop will help you develop body awareness to improve posture and performance in sports or everyday life activity where sit, walk, run, squat or cycle while learning tools to reduce pain.

    You will leave with a newfound understanding of how your
    hips relate to your entire body and how they can support you in enjoying the activities you love!

    No yoga experience necessary.

    Early Bird
    $45 before July 6th, $50 thereafter

  • Awesome Kid's Yoga Camp (6-12 yrs old) with Daina Selph Jul. 29 - Aug. 2 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    During this week long camp children will explore ways to take a mindful approach to their world. We will focus on teaching traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques in a fun and playful way. Students learn important lessons in self-awareness, self-control, social skills, positive thinking and body awareness. We practice both active and passive poses, helping children find this balance in class can sometimes flow into the other areas of their lives outside of class.
    Each class begins with a group discussion followed by yoga poses, journaling and an art project which is customized to a daily theme.

  • Free to Be Young Infant& Toddler Classes with Jennifer Curtis Aug. 7 to Sept. 25 Tuesdays 1:30 - 3:00 & Wednesdays 11 - 1 & 1:30 - 3 pm

    Free to Be is a small group parent-child class series with a focus on natural gross motor development.  
    Created from a foundation of deep respect for the competence of all humans 
    from birth, Free to Be offers an opportunity for your little ones, from birth to 20 months (in 3 age groupings), to discover and explore their world on their own wise terms – and for parents/caregivers to witness and appreciate their child’s unique drive to learn.  
    Embrace Yoga offers the perfect environment that allows Jennifer to set up invitations for development to unfold naturally, right before a parent’s eyes.  Warmly guided by an experienced facilitator, parents receive a very special opportunity to thoughtfully observe their little ones in this group setting as we intentionally grant them the freedom “to be.” 
    It’s freeing for everyone!  Respectfully supporting the innate nature of early development is the primary focus of discussion. Parents will receive tools to develop mutual trust and build an authentic relationship with their baby.  
    Join us!
    (For more info on this approach, you can visit   
    $280 for the 8-week series

  • Seasonal Detox: Kundalini and Sound with Adriana Cerundolo Sept 28th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Seasonal Detox with Kundalini Yoga & Sound

    Detox your mind, body, and spirit with Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing.

    Most of us are not exercising enough to promote good digestive elimination. Chronic stress and overwhelm further slows down digestion. The result is a build-up of waste in the digestive tract that prevents absorption of nutrients, causes bacterial growth, and creates illness. We need to clean house and let go to receive the new.

    The same goes for our subconscious mind. A build-up of limiting beliefs and unconscious habits can keep us from seeing clearly and living in our truest, best self.

    Luckily, we have the innate powers of breath, sound, and movement to tend to ourselves. This 3-hr workshop leverages kundalini yoga and sound vibration to detoxify the body, replenish the spirit, and empower your true self.

    All levels, including Kundalini newbies, welcome! Come as you are in comfortable clothes.

    What you can expect:

    • Enlivening yoga practice for exercising the digestive system

    • Meditation for clearing the subconscious mind and seeing your inner beauty

    • Intuitive dance for permission-based movement

    • Sound healing with crystal singing bowls for deep restorative relaxation

    • Art integration for manifesting your new self into form

    Kundalini Yoga, as brought to the west in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, is the yoga of awareness. It uses specific sequences of postures, aligned with breath and mantras, to address physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing. The focus is on activating the kundalini, the body’s creative life force, to enliven the body to its highest potential. The practice is designed to strengthen all systems of the body, especially the nervous system, so that greater consciousness is available and physical vitality is maximized.

    Adriana is a certified sound healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and 7Directions® dance ceremony facilitator. Learn more about Adriana at


  • Yin/Yang through the Seasons with Clare Buckley Starting October 12th 5pm-7pm

    $115 for the series/$45 per single session
    Join Clare as we embrace transitions this fall and winter with clear intentions of letting go and deeply supporting inner balance and well being. This is a potent time of year for reflection and contemplation.
    In these unique and beautiful workshops Clare will guide you through practices that support the autumnal meridians of the lungs/elimination organs and the winter meridians of the kidneys/urinary bladder, informed by the Chinese five elements and the ancient traditions of Ayurveda.
    In our first workshop, you will delight in the soothing glow of candles as we harness the energy of the full moon in a deeply grounding practice. Here we feel into our innate connection with nature as it is reflected within us. In our second workshop we will expand upon our prior practice and Clare will share insights to support inner harmony during Vata and holiday season, informed by Ayurveda.
    This workshop is profoundly supportive for this often depleting and busy time of year. In glorious culmination our December workshop takes place as the days are at their shortest and we are nearing winter solstice. This is a time to pause and reflect before we begin to expand once again. We will enjoy a candlelit practice and a beautiful culmination to our trio of workshops.
    Join Clare for the full series or an individual workshop as she guides you through this unique and beautiful offering of breath work, insight, mindful meditation and supportive and seasonally beneficial poses and practices. Make your transition this season an opportunity to deeply honor natures cycles as they are reflected within us.
    Clare has been teaching yoga, yin and yin/yang classes, workshops and retreats for over 19 years. In relation specifically to Yin yoga, she extends gratitude to her teachers Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley with whom she has trained extensively since 2000. Her workshops bring expertise, unique insight, warmth and encouragement. Please visit her website at for more information.
    Yin/Yang through the seasons with Clare Buckley….
    Enjoy this offering as a series $115 or individually $45 per workshop
    October 12th 5-7pm Full Moon Candlelit Autumn – Metal Element
    November 9th 5-7pm Candlelit Autumn – Vata Season
    December 14th 5-7pm Candlelit Winter – Water element


Hatha is a general category that includes most yoga styles. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. Hatha classes focus on correctly aligning the body to improve general posture, breathing and circulation. Hatha is ideal for beginners and those with physical limitations.


Named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas. B.K.S.


A form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body.


Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic system of practicing asanas (poses). Yoga postures flow in a logical sequence. Each position complements those that precede and follow. This practice focuses on the synchronization of breath & the continuous flow of movement. Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. This class can be strenuous; may be appropriate for beginners.


Named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas. B.K.S.


This class will help you build core awareness, stability and strength.  You will learn how to safely strengthen and engage the core abdominal complex, learn techniques to release body muscle tension.  A stronger and stable core will better support the spine resulting in better posture alignment, balanced breath and may help reduce minor lower back and neck issues.

Embrace the moment, Embrace Life!

Live life with balance, grounding and love.

At Embrace Yoga, Feel the Energy

with our amazing teachers and wonderful offerings……we invite you to be present !

Our teachers are some of the very best in Marin and from all different backgrounds of yoga. We offer classes in Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga for all levels, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga Flow and Core Balance Yoga.

We also have a variety of specialty workshops. Intro to Yoga,  Yin Yoga for the Seasons, iyengar based workshops, Therapy Ball Workshops and Ayurveda Workshops and Cleanses. Please look under our workshop tab, to see our current workshop offerings.